10 Reasons to Buy Original Art



  1. Original art can really captivate a persons imagination and hung in the right spot in your home help create that homely, personal and individual space.  

  2. A piece of original artwork can become a real talking point at parties and get togethers. When buying an original piece get to know what was behind the painting and read up about the artist. Most reputable artists these days have their own websites and blogs and are often involved locally in art projects.


  3. Express your individuality when choosing and take your time. The painting you decide upon will reflect your personality like say the clothes you might chose to buy or the soft furnishings in your home. Do you want that printed canvas that 1000’s of other people may have bought? Ladies.. compare it to that little dress you purchased on the high street last week, then avoiding someone all night as they’re wearing the same thing as you.  Do you really want a painting on your wall that appears in Corrie or Emmerdale every day of the week...

  4. A future investment. Your chosen piece could be worth far more in the future unlike a printed canvas from the local hardware shop.  If you like a particular artists work and recognise their talent, then others will be drawn to this artist for similar reasons. Check them out and see how often they’re selling their paintings.


  5. Original artwork has that handmade rich look and feel.  You can see and feel the texture, especially in the oil paintings and acrylic paintings they have atmosphere, feeling and life as every paintbrush stroke has been carefully thought about and lovingly placed.

  6. Buy what others don’t have and invest in originality & uniqueness. Feel content that nobody else can have that same painting.  ‘It’s an Original’ whether it be a beautiful watercolour landscape or seascape or an abstract or contemporary design.

  7. Be realistic about the prices artists are charging.  Often an amazing amount of love, time, effort and patience has gone into an original piece, not to mention the materials.  If you’re  careful about where you buy your artwork from you can pick up a real bargain.  Art Fairs and exhibitions are everywhere these days and you can often see the artists at work.

  8. Chosen wisely the art you purchase will look amazing on your walls forever.  If you google art through the decades the themes are amazing and mingle and interact with each other and would still look amazing in any modern home today.  All decades become fashionable over and over again with little tweaks along the way.  Art throughout the decades is fascinating.

  9. Buying art directly will support the artist, but typically 35% these days goes to galleries as middlemen.  Do some research and check out the artists you are drawn too.  Google them and you’ll be surprised how professional they are.  Check out the FB Page Buy Art Direct. 

  10. Get the kids involved it sparks questions and conversations. Let them be involved in the artwork you purchase for your home or for their bedrooms.  A painting on a wall they grew up with can become a very special family heirloom, mean so much to them in their lives and bring back such lovely memories.





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