About the Artist

Rachel Keens

Born in Middlesbrough in 1967 I relocated to South Yorkshire in the early 1980's with my family.  I have now settled in North Nottinghamshire with my partner and love living in the countryside.

The majority of my working life was spent at Tata Steel in the Projects and Design office whilst bringing up my two sons.  Pencils, paints and art were never too far away occasionally carrying out small commissions for neighbours and friends and my artwork often adorned my own walls.

After retiring in 2015 it was inevitable that I would continue with my much loved hobby and so in 2017 created my studio at home where I spend many an hour creating and messing with various mediums gaining inspiration from holidays, trips and weekends away with my partner and also everyday life situations.  

Me and My Art

I love to play about with techniques and mediums. I have many disasters which often end up in the bin but in order to go forwards you sometimes need to go backwards so I always try to learn something from the disasters.

I feel totally relaxed when I'm painting or sketching, it frees up the mind. Being the best therapy I know I can highly recommend picking up a pencil to anyone. 

Although my paintings are for sale I don't paint to sell, I paint because I love to paint, if someone likes one of my paintings enough to buy one then that's a great bonus.

I wouldn't say I have a favourite medium, I swap and change as the wind blows. Something inspires me and I make a mental note or take a photo and will choose the medium accordingly which ever I think may suit the subject best.


Contact : 07817652101         |       Location: North Nottinghamshire           |          Email: rachelkeens@hotmail.co.uk